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If Ronald McDonald gets kids to go in and eat McDonalds’ crap, then he is a drug dealer.

My marketing professor, summarizing a rather outrageous claim that this mascot is analogous to a drug dealer.

Part of the reasoning behind this is that they promote the food as a pleasure-inducing, rather than being nutritious (and I use the term loosely).

Cheerios also came under fire for a similar reason, with the FDA asserting that Cheerios was marketed in a way that promoted the health benefit of lowering cholesterol. Apparently, the perceived “intended use” of the product makes all the difference.

It was stupidly funny in class, but then I came home and searched for where the McDrug Dealer claim came from. Some of the reasons given are just ridiculous, but others make a little more sense.

Judge for yourselfis it really so outrageous?